How to request a Xojo feature

Is there a formal way to request a new feature in Xojo? I’ve searched and have not discovered one in either the Forum or Feedback.

search in feedback
create a new case
mark it as a feature request when filling out the information for the new case

And post here the feature you want… perhaps someone has already come up with a way to do it, or it may be a feature that exists that you are not yet aware of.

The feature I would like to have is, in the Navigator, subordinate to Controls and Methods and maybe other entities at that level, a folder into which I could move all of the Labels or Canvases or whatever that I have to have, but which at some point I no longer need to work with. If I did need to work with an individual entity contained in such a folder, I could get to it just by opening the folder.
This would go a very long way toward making the Navigator more useful and user-friendly.

I have entered the feature request in Feedback (#33687). Thanks for the guidance.

yes, I miss that too from time to time when methods in a class sum up.

I would love to be able to group properties , methods constants, controlsetc in to folders in their respective sections in classes and modules. I may even had had a feature request in for that for the old IDE.

There it would have been nice… in Xojo it would be much more useful!