How to replace legacy NewPicture

A time ago I bought a license for BensListboxExtras (Xojo subclass) from Ben Blake.
This is a realy great listbox. Thanks to Ben for creating this.

It is part of my app for years now. The xojo change of newpicture to new picture results in an error in Xojo2016R4 and 2017R1.
This error is located in the decrypted part of the code. I think it is simple to solve, but I do not have the rights and password to edit the encrypted part.

Ben Blake is possible not supporting it anymore since the latest version in 2010.
A few days ago tried to contact Ben by mail. No answer yet. Maybe I do have an old mailaccount.

Is anyone in contact with Ben? Maybe you can ask him to contact me.
Or does anybody know if there is someone else supporting this subclass?

this MIGHT fix it for you.
add this to a global module in your project

Public Function newPicture(width as integer,height as integer,depth as integer=-1) as picture
  If depth>0 Then 
    Return New picture(width,height,depth)
    Return New picture(width,height)
  End If
End Function

I have NOT tested this… but it might override the old code, and use this function instead.
worth a shot

Thank you. So simple. Shame on me, i didn’t think about it

Seeing as how that worked (I assume), why don’t you change the title of this topic to something like “How to replace legacy NewPicture” or something… this way it might help others in the future for other situations :slight_smile:

I agree!
thanks a lot!

Find “NewPicture” and replace with “New Picture”.

Most times replace will work.And it is faster!

In this case the code is in a password decrypted part. The password is not available. Now this method fixes the problem.

I figured there was something I hadn’t considered. Good answer @Dave S :slight_smile:

there is no “Z”, but thanks :slight_smile:

Peter Fargo…

I wish I had seen you post earlier re Find “NewPicture” and replace with “New Picture”.
I wasted a couple days farting around with other fixes.,.rapidly going backwards.

tried this, and Viola, i was back in business. I have about 9 old apps that i have to move to 64 bits,
and they all have this. you are a sanity saver
Jake scheele


just in case you forgot, there is a Language Reference embedded and another online that you can read… :wink:

Yes Man ! This is a joke.

Real answer: do not waste your time. If you do not find your answer in a short delay, simply ask here (sometimes it takes unusual long time to reach the answer on the LR)…

make an effort to help yourself before you ask by reading the docs