How to reference a property on a container

I am having trouble setting a boolean property value to false. It is a property of a container on a desktop window. Named “Changed” it is set true any time a checkbox or textfield value is

Changed = False

When I set a breakpoint after that statement and look at the values of the container, Changed is still True.
I tried

Self.Changed = False

but nothing works.


Do you have any controls that modify the value of Changed when they lose focus? I’ve been bitten by this.

Change changed into a computed property or a method pair and set a breakpoint on the setter.

What you’re doing is probably not going to work. On Desktop, containers are Windows and inherit some of their behavior. I suspect the issue you are running into is that windows also have a Changed property, which means that you are shadowing the property.


I prefix all my Boolean valuables with ‘is…’ so I would use isChanged.

I find it makes reading code easier, as I never use If isChanged = True Then, but If isChanged Then

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There is no property anywhere in the documentation with the name of “changed”. Therefore, it’s not a reserved word. And therefore, it should be possible to use “changed” as property.

Look at Window.Changed


Sigh… the search in the documentation is stupid.