How to refer to imported image file

How do I refer to an image file that has been imported into the app via the ide?

I need a file name for the imagewell.

I know one solution is to remove it but…

Does this help:

In desktop projects, you can use either the Backdrop property or the Paint event to draw a picture directly to the Window background. The simplest way to do this is to add a picture to your project and then assign it to the Backdrop property in the Inspector.

You can also assign a background picture in code:

Self.Backdrop = PictureName

Thanks. But this is an ImageWell.
I do that BackDrop thing elsewhere. and it doesn’t require a folderitem.

On the otherhand it’d be a whole lot easier to do it as a canvas.

Edit. The image will not display as a background.

I dragged an image into the Ide.

Then in my ImageWell1 Open Event I placed

me.Image = myImagesName

Later you could change the image by

imageWell1.Image = newImagesName

That worked for me. Am I still misunderstanding?

Thanks. The code worked but not the image
The image is the Made With XOJO MWXLogo.

For some reason it didn’t show up in either this or the Canvas, so I think it has something to do with scaling.
The scaling callout is what required the folderitem.
Function ScalePicture(PictureToScale As Picture, Availablewidth As Integer, Availableheight As Integer) As Picture

Edit: That’s not it and I’m not sure what I did wrong.

I resized the image I was using for the backdrop to smaller than the size and it loaded into the IDE visually. So backdrop cannot be larger.

Edit: During the debug the only thing which is out of place is the ImageWell isn’t Active.
So I might have found the answer. The ImageWell is placed on a groupbox, but when I look at the Tab-Order, which will show the members of the group or on the same Tab and it wasn’t in that group.
I also cannot drag it into that group