How to reboot serverwarp server with 502 bad gateway error

I’m getting a 502 bad gateway error and cannot access the server thru the serverwarp desktop app so I can’t reboot the server.

I need to reboot the server. Any ideas?

Is there some reason why you can’t just request their support desk to reboot it. Am I missing something?

Log into your server control panel and select the reboot option. The desktop app I don’t actually find that useful so always reboot by logging into the web interface.

Don’t have a control panel. They provide a desktop app instead

Hmm, that’s not my experience I have both a desktop application and a server address - where you log into a control panel. Check the emails you have received from serverwarp to be sure.

Unfortunately in this case it’s not the server. A gateway issue means load balancer and server is up and running fine. The app is crashing when it starts putting it in an endless restart cycle. When this happens the load balancer throws the 502 gateway error.

Phillip . . . How can I discover what’s causing the restart cycle?

and is there a way I can reboot when the desktop app won’t let contact the server so I don’t have to bug your guys?