How to read data from OBDII

I have a OBD II wifi adapter which will be connected to car. When I connect my mac to that wifi, in Xojo, how to read data stored in the car ? Appreciate any help.

what OBDII wifi adapater? OBDII is a serial connection by default. so the wifi adapter is the deciding factor.

I am using Elm327 WIFI Wirless OBD2 Car Diagnostic Reader. Appreciate your help.

You would need to contact the device manufacturer and see what type of protocol they have implemented. It looks like there are a few third party apps out there so it’s possible they have a document.

It might be as simple as this showing up as a serial device which can be written and read to using the Serial Stream in Xojo. Or it might be entirely IP protocol. You’ll need to research this. (has all the AT commands the ELM responds to)