How to read all logged in users

I’m writing a service to read all kind of information from our server into a CubeSQL.

Works pretty nicely, except for one thing. qwinsta can not get read via a service console app, MBS doesn’t have anything etc. and I don’t find any solution for quite a simple problem:

I want to read all users, who are currently logged into to our terminal server …

I hope anyone has an idea. Thank you in advance!


The reference to Qwinsta and terminal server would suggest Windows.

The code in the 3rd post of should provide some insight.

The declares should be relatively straightforward, see http://blog./2017/01/22/windows-to-xojo-data-type-conversion/ for more information on that.

Windows indeed! Seems that I was a bit blind though. qwinsta is working on the terminal server … It isn’t working in Xojo on my Surface Windows10 develop. machine …

Dim sh as new Shell
Dim result as string
Dim results(-1) as string
Dim session as String
dim user as String
dim status as string

sh.mode = 0
sh.TimeOut = -1

while sh.IsRunning


result = sh.Result
results = split(result, endofline)

for i as integer = 1 to ubound(results)
	user = trim(mid(results(i),20,21))
	if user <> "" then
		session  = trim(left(results(i),19))
		status =  trim(mid(results(i),49,7))
		databaseTransferValues("LOGINS", session , user, status, "-")
	end if
next i