How to Print to console in Desktop App?

One of my Xojo Desktop Apps is parsing System.CommandLine for filenames and parameters. This works as intended.
Today I recieved a customers’ question how he could use commandline parameters. He tried to use switch help (-help or -?) without success.

So I decided to enable this but now I am asking myself how to print something to console from Desktop Apps.
My first guess would be StdOut but Documentation says it’s only valid for Console Apps.

How can I print something to console in Desktop App?

Instead of parsing parameters yourself, better check app.ArgumentsMBS in our plugins. Handles quotes and encoding correctly.

And in our plugins we have StdoutMBS class for writing to console from desktop app.

mmm this is a striking argument for your MBS Plugin… there is really no Xojo built-in function?

I sent you a copy of example project by email.

There is a Stdout class in Xojo, too.

Thx… seems you finally got me buying your MBS plugins :wink:
Xojo StdOut doesn’t work in Desktop Apps as far as I see, or I am missing something?