How to print Object2Ds to a printer

I have tried printing a page that I have set up following the example in that comes with Xojo, using the Picture class. The type prints looking very bitmapped. What is the best way to overcome this. Ideally I would like to use Object2D, which is, apparently, vector graphics. I have used them before and placed them on a canvas but I can’t seem to find an example of how to send them to a printer. Is it possible that by using Object2D the type will come out crisp? It should if it is truly vector graphics.

Draw the Object2D directly to the printer graphics object. Going through a picture will cause problems.

Thanks Tim,

Can I just clarify, in the sample I followed using a canvas picture part of the code was:

Dim p As New Picture(100, 100, 32) Dim g As Graphics = p.Graphics

So now will it be:

  Dim g As Graphics = SomeObject2D

dim g as graphics = OpenPrinterDialog
g.DrawObject(SomeObject2D, 20, 20)

What kind of problems?

If you change the size or resolution, you can get pixelization/jaggies.