How to post readable source on Github?

I shared my project in XML format on github, supposing that XML was a readable format… but it’s just a binary file written using ASCII characters!
How can I share my source code in a readable format?

Please save as project in text format.

No, this is wrong: a xojo project saved as xml can be loaded and compiled / generate the application.

If you want the sources as real text (à la 1980), follow Christian advice.

So wrong… :wink:

@Luca_Cassioli: To beeing able to save in plain text, you need a Version Control Ready License like Desktop or above. :unamused:

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If he is able to save as XML, he already have a valid license number.

So wrong… :wink:
Not me, but Xojo whose default project file type is Binary.

What i meant was, it’s not so wrong because text is the standard format for source code. Because of VCS.

XML is also plain text. :wink:

But i fear we are getting slightly offtopic. :slight_smile:

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No, the OP says xml sources are wrong for him:

it’s just a binary file written using ASCII characters!

It is a textual data format…

You can include binary data in a textual representation. But it is still just text. There are rules you have to follow to make it a valid XML text, but it still just text.

Beeing able to embed binary data in a textual representation, does not make the data binary. :wink:

In the Xojo app Preferences, in the General tab you can select the default project type as Binary, Text, or XML. If XML, you can also specify to “pretty print”.

For GitHub sharing, Text is by far the most useful and readable. And a Lite license can only save in Binary, as others have noted.

Thank you @Douglas_Handy

XML is unsuitable for GitHub because various areas of a project can be combined in one file and this makes distributed work more difficult.
And the constant “True” vs True etc. errors when saving the code doesn’t make it any better. But that’s another topic. :unamused: