How To Pause WebMoviePlayer

Does anyone know how to ensure a webmovieplayer is not playing?

I have tried the toggle and it will stop the player if it is playing, but if it ISN’T playing, then it starts it, which is not what I want.

I also tried changing the desktopURL, but if a movie is currently playing, it won’t do anything unless you use the deprecated webmovieplayer.reset command.

Unfortunately, the Reset command causes all kind of GUI strangeness (moves the player to it’s original X position, the player obscures any other controls even if the player visible property is set to False.

So, I’m basically looking for a way around the lack of a webmovieplayer.Stop command.

Any thoughts?

I just discovered that if you only call WebMoviePlayer.Reset but DON’T change the desktopURL it will cause it to stop. So far, that works on Chrome. I will test on the other browsers later today and post my results here for anyone else who may be interested.