How to pause the app until action button click in new window

I’ve forgotten how to do this, my main window opens a small window at start-up with a few checkboxes, labels and a button. I just want the rest of the start-up to pause until a checkbox is selected and the button pushed.

The winMain Opening event just says

dim w as new winOpen

and the new winOpen opens, but of course the program continues to run

Sorry, I can’t find my way around in the new documentation to discover answers to simple questions like these


you would call a Method at button pressed
and there you do what you want.
modal as mentioned is a solution too, use it rare.
modal usually block the input of the rest of the app.

Thanks, showModal works fine as long as I remember to put self.close at the end of the button press routine. Without showModal, the winMain Opening routine continues without waiting for whatever happens in win Open

Put a check in the button and before anything proceeds check if what is needed before moving on (check box checked ) or disable button until selections are made so user cannot click button