How to not include Database plugins in build

As far as I can tell, I don’t use any database commands in an app, but it continues to be added to the build.
How do I NOT get these plugins from being included?


Anywhere a property like “db as MySQLCommunityServer” in a module or window?

There are a couple of different types of databases:

MSSQLServerDatabase MySQLCommunityServer ODBCDatabase OracleDatabase PostgreSQLDatabase SQLiteDatabase

Do a search for each type and you might find it, as Christian says, in a module, window, or some 3rd party resource you have included. You might be able to temporarily remove the plugins from the Xojo plugins folder and see where the compiler fails.

you should remove the plugins you don’t use from the plugins folder.
then run inside the ide and if you still use them you will get a compile error.
you must quit and launch xojo as the plugins are loaded at startup

This is not in the plugin folder (Xojo 2019r3.1).

This appears as a dynamic library in the FrameWorks folder.

It weight 734KB in the application (Xojo 2015r1)

I only use SQLite so at IDE install time I create an “Unused Plugins” folder and move everything from the Plugins folder to it. Perhaps you can move the SQLite dynamic libraries there too but I don’t know whether doing that would break something.

Thanks. I didn’t think everything in the Plugins folder would be included.
Since I’m try Jean’s first he gets the solve