How to move to North Carolina

Hello friends
my country has been destroyed by a category 5 hurricane I would like to move to north carolina.
If you can help me how to get a job and how much is the cost of renting a studio.
thanks for any help the economy of
my country is on the floor we have 75 days without power at home.

Whoa, sorry to hear that Alexis.

May I ask why you’ve settled on NC? Can you be more specific about what part of NC you’d like to live in? Beach, Plains, Hills or Mountains?

I live in the greater Raleigh area and can tell you that the cost of living can vary greatly based on where you live here. We live out in the sticks (not in Wake county itself), but basically the closer you get to the Airport, the more it costs as that’s where all the high-tech companies are (including Microsoft’s local branch).

BTW, Most of the job hunting is done on the Internet here. My wife went through this about 18 months ago after we moved here.

We have snow here, so I was asking myself: “isn’t South Carolina better ?"

Also, what ust you do first ?
a. reach a home first (if so, where)
b. get a job (and relocate yourself if you do a first) ?

what I need is an economical place to start dry to the city or the industry.

but no in the city i like Hills or Mountains

FWIW, as someone who lived in New Jersey for 25 years, what we have here is nothing. We only got significant snow once last year in Raleigh and it was gone in 3 days.

Greg that is cool

I have two months to move, I must wait a little longer until the surgeon of my heart gives me the ok to travel after installing a valve
mechanical in my heart.
me last Dr. appointment is February 8 2018 the all is ok on my heart the i star to move.

the more i need is some feed back of people live on north carolina.

i love RC remote control Jets i like to live close to one club.
thanks all for help

I haven’t live in NC for three years, but was born and raised in NC for 32 years. As Greg mentioned and I would like to reiterate:

NC has a very wide breadth of standards of living.

My original home town you could easily live off of $17k a year, even today. But to live near the tech industry, which is the Raleigh/Durham/RTP (dying) area, there are plenty of opportunities for inexpensive homes to purchase or rent.

The first real decisions are

  1. What kind of life are you trying to live?
  2. Type of job you would prefer?
  3. What area are you looking at in NC? (Like the coast, mountains or the middle area which are the $$$ areas.)

Jacksonville is a very inexpensive area and right on the coast. The main employer that keeps everyone is good shape, besides the military, is civilian-based non-profit MCCS which has a ton of areas waiting to be filled with great benefits.

The triangle has lots of available jobs, but depending on how you like to live one of the cheapest areas to live is Durham, but that is changing year. Plus it has one of the top medical surroundings in the country.

The mountain area is sparser in reference to jobs, but there are some good areas to live that are more gorgeous than anywhere else in NC.

Edit: Also, on that note, Newport had a weekly RC plane meetup with an airfield for flying.

Not to put a damper on your plans… but if you have a heart condition… you might want to do a ton of research on what Healthcare Benefits may or may not be available to you as an immigrant to the United States… Our Healthcare system is vastly different than what you are probably used to, and the cost and/or availability of the level of service you desire/require may shock you.

But I suggest you find all that out before you make a commitment to move

Unless he is already on Medicare. Then is really no difference where in the US he is.

true… for some reason I thought he was coming from Germany… don’t ask me why… :frowning:

no madicare i am only 47 year old .

any that is better then purto rico is ok for me .
i make in PR on year only about 21,000 if i fond this o more that is perfect for me

any idea where to start looking for jobs i have a lot experience on POS systems.

Indeed.Com, Monster.Com, to name a few

[quote=363010:@Alexis Colon Lugo]no madicare i am only 47 year old .

any that is better then purto rico is ok for me .
i make in PR on year only about 21,000 if i fond this o more that is perfect for me[/quote]

Make sure you understand the difference in cost of living from where you are to where you want to move to relative to salary… In MANY if not MOST places on the mainland, it would be very difficult to live on 21K or anything close to it.

  • Karen

While I live in California (one of the more expensive states to be sure)… with the exception of desert communities , the average apartment RENT is north of $1000 a month (not including utilities)… My income has dropped since I was forced to retire, but I’m lucky in that my house mortage is well less than any local rent.

But on the flip side… assuming you get a job in the IT industry… you will probably make well above $10.00 an hour, depending on skillset, position, company etc.

thanks for all the input


Lowe’s is a large company that sells building materials (lumber, and other stuff). Their headquarters is in North Carolina. They have a point of sale network that is controlled by their headquarters and they have nearly 2,000 stores. Here is link to the IT employment page:

Lots of US companies have large point of sale networks that are controlled by a central office.

ALSO – You need to create a resume (sometimes called a CV in other countries) that outlines your background and skills. Before you apply to any jobs I would be happy to take a look at it and give you some feedback on what changes might be needed to make it work better in the US. You can find lots of tips on line for creating a resume.

I can also share with you some articles about job interviewing. Lots of tips on how to “stand out in a crowd” and how not to answer some interview questions you might encounter. You may be able to do some “video” interviews from PR if you can find a private spot with power and a good Internet connection. Many employers do first interviews this way rather than pay to bring in potential candidates. In the “old days” they spent lots of money on interviews and even paid relocation if you had to move from some other town but unless you are the CEO it does not happen much today.

One other tip. Be careful with recruiters (a person in the US that would be a “job broker”) and introduce you to an employer. Generally they get a fee from the employer. One danger is if they submit you to a company the company may not really want to deal with that recruiter. But now they may not want to hire the same person directly to avoid a legal conflict that if you are hired the recruiter would demand their fee. Many are good but some may be bad. In the past I have only worked with a few recruiters that would only submit your resume with your permission and help “sell” you to the company. Today I think they mostly just get your resume and send it to as many places as they can find.

Feel free to send me a private message here then we can exchange email addresses.

Stay in touch and the people here can help guide you through the process.


Not to be confused with the Lowes grocery store which we also have here. :stuck_out_tongue: