How to make Xojo generated apps behave in mult-screen?


I have developed a very small utility on OSX.

This utility is used on a Mac Mini and has a very bit screen which can be split into two parts (by holding down on maximize button for a few seconds). Once the screen is divided into two parts my does not confine to the part it is placed and always becomes full screen. In short it misbehaves.

How can I make it behave properly to respect the split screens and stay withing the screen (split) it is placed into?


Yogi Yang

If I understand you correctly: OS X has a setting (I think) to assign an app to a screen which collates all windows of an app in that screen. Therefore if you put one of your windows in one screen then all your windows will go there.

This works fine for me here. I press and hold the Maximize button and the OS asks me what part of the Split-Screen I want to use and my app stays there, then I select another app that should go into the other split-screen view thus filling up the screen with two apps in fullscreen mode.

I do believe this only works on single-window apps though.

Works on a multiple windowed application also.

Does your window have the fullscreen options checked?

in the XDev magazine ( issue 13.4, I covered the APIs for tweaking the full screen mode (page 20), and provided the converted Xojo code.

You can also get a subscription to the magazine with the OmegaBundle :slight_smile:

@Sam Rowlands ,

I have used the following code to maximize the window on load:


Another thing is that my app opens multiple windows as needed by user.

Do I have to set any other settings or write any other code?


Yogi Yang

In the IDE, select the window layout, under the “Frame” section on the right hand panel, look for “Full-screen Button”. It seems to work here using 2016r1 and 10.11.4. I’ve not added any additional configuration.