How to make a modal dialog in Web projects?

See Page Not Found — Xojo documentation

It says:

I cannot find a way to make a WebPage into a modal one. Is that an error in the documentation or am I missing something?

Info on creating dialog boxes:

Modal dialogs are modal in that you cannot interact with the page. They are not synchronous and do not stop your code when the dialog is displayed, unlike desktop.

Oh, it’s not a WebPage, it’s a different type. That was new to me as Desktop projects do that differently. Still learning :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick help.

Uh, however, when change the LoginPage from a WebPage to a WebDialog, then the code giving in the docs does not work any more. For instance, calling LoginPage.Show does not compile then, because it’s not an implicitInstance. I have to “new” it.

So, the docs still seem to be a bit off to me.

Not sure I’m following you. The LoginPage.Show shows the page. The page then shows the dialog. It sounds like you’re trying to show the dialog directly from the session?

The example project is here:

Oh, now I see. I confused LoginPage and LoginDialog. I read them as being the same. Thanks for clarifying.