How to make a console window appear while debugging - same as it does when dubigging in windows?

Hello all,

I m used to working in Windoz. I have now switched one notebook to Linux Mint, per the recommendations of Xojo system requirements. Being a virtual newbie to Linux, I was surprised at many things, most good - over the Windoz OS I have used for most of my life! However, one thing escapes me - how to make a console window appear, and show the text messages that are shown by the same code when the same debug run is done on a windoz machine!

The end intention of the console app is to be that of a service - but along the way in development a standard EXE is fine! However, during debug, or even launching an executable via command line, I still get no output to the console window.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do so I can get output in a console window while debugging and/or executing a compiled app on Linux?

Thank you all in advance!