How to make a child window

hello to all
My name is Rui Branco and I live in Portugal.

I am now starting to learn how to write and use the ide xojo.
I’m trying to convert to xojo software that made ??in the past
I am with great difficulties because before used a ide which is exactly like a notepad, is basically a script language, the xojo has several things unknown and xojo is object-oriented language I have no experience.
So i feel lost.

My doubt for now is how to create a child window within the parent window. Who has time to teach me?

Rui Branco

Rui, Xojo comes with some great resources for teaching yourself. I would really look into the User Guide (4 parts/books) and also the Desktop or Web Quickstart (depending on what you are most interested in) on Xojo Documentation. They are a great work, especially for someone just starting to learn Xojo.

The forums would be a very difficult way to teach someone Xojo from the ground up. It’s a great place to ask specific questions, but not really to teach from start to end.

You are right.

Thanks Jeremy


I misunderstood your question a bit to being with. You are asking a specific question, sorry about that. I’m sure someone else will chime in who can answer your question, I am not sure exactly what you mean by child window. Are you asking about creating a dialog? Or on Windows something like an MDI interface?

how to create an interface mdi.


Look in the Windows settings in the Navigator. There is an option for Use MDI.

Thanks Greg :slight_smile:

Be aware that even Microsoft is downplaying the creation of MDI apps … you should adopt a SDI design methodology.

I’d still say that it depends on the type of app you’re creating. If your app lends itself to SDI, then great. But I’ve seen several apps that work best as MDI.