How to make a black popupmenu for a HUD window

I have a blackish HUD window (by setting its style mask).

Now I like to add a PopupMenu to it. By default, it’s white. How do I make it match the HUD window’s appearance?

The only way I know is a custom control, I too have been looking for genuine Apple controls that come in ‘black’ flavor but haven’t found them yet.

I would suggest using the graphic commands as opposed to pre-rendered graphics so that they are Retina compatible. If you mix in a bit of CoreGraphics, you can get high quality gradients and drop shadows.

The other option, if you’re doing OS X only is to create your graphics in Photoshop or Illustrator as vector images and then save as PDF. This works quite well, but not on Windows.

I’m currently investigating an easy way of getting vector images to work in Windows, as I’m hoping this will help to do Retina on Windows too.

[quote=57274:@jean-paul devulder]Look here

look file GRProMenu.m[/quote]
Is it usable with Xojo?