How to load and play a live, continuous stream (ending in .mp3) from an internet server

I am building an application which plays radio streams from the internet on a defined schedule. The program can also play podcasts from the HD. At scheduled times the application will stop any audio which is playing and start the next scheduled stream or podcast.

The best way I have found so far to play the radio streams is to create a mini-browser with and HTMLviewer object and give it the URL of the web audio player provided by the radio station. This works very well with certain stations, sometimes with others, and with still others, not at all.

Some of the streams that I want to play end in “.mp3”. Occasionally these will load in the mini-browser and play. But most of the time the Quicktime logo comes up and then indicates an error. The error return code in the HTMLviewer is 204, “Plug-in handled load”.

A) Here is a URL that will load and play correctly:

B) Here is a URL that will return the 204 error code most of the time:

My questions:

  1. is it possible to load and play the .mp3 stream using XOJO?

  2. MoviePlayer object or HTMLviewer?

You could try OpenURLMovie function or our VLC plugin.

Please tell me if either function actually succeeds when you try them.

For me the openURLmovie snippet below produces no sound.

me.Movie = OpenURLMovie ( “” )


better use HTMLViewer

HTMLViewer1.LoadURL ( "" )