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Hey everyone,

First of all let me begin my first post at this forum by posting a question.
At the start let me say, I am very naive at XOJO, having recently purchased
a subscription just last week. And I look forward to having a great experience
with XOJO as is experienced by the respected members here in this forum.

I have also purchased a license of Graffiti suite since I thought, with it I shall
be able to develop UI at ease.

However, the documentation for the desktop edition appears incomplete as I
find it & though of posting on this forum, if there are any tutorial videos as to
how to begin with installation of graffiti suite and how to use a element.

For questions about GraffitiSuite, please open support tickets directly. You’re more likely to get a quick response when I’m not actively viewing the forums.

I will be updating the Desktop Edition’s Getting Started page soon (thought I had already done so). In the meantime, the steps are basically the same as those in the Web Edition’s Getting Started page with the exception of the copy files build step and the session property.

I have now updated the Desktop Edition Getting Started page. You should use both the documentation and the demo project to see how each product operates and is setup.

Hey thanks a lot, Anthony for such a prompt response.
Really grateful for the same…

Hey Anthony,
There is this one small issue I found while opening up the graffitisuite_desktop.xojo_project.
I found an issue window, stating - colorwheel issue - “unable to locate one or more images”.
Can you please explain what it could be ?
Not that I have any plans to use the colorwheel immediately in the near future, but thought,
should highlight it to you, maybe someone might be using it.

This really depends on which version you downloaded. Please open a support ticket.

OK. I shall open a support ticket.
Thanks for the help.