How to include border on DesktopTextField at Runtime?


I am updating code from Xojo 2018 (ish) to Xojo 2022 r 3.1 on Windows 11 and the DesktopTextField shows the proper border in the IDE and only the bottom border is shown at runtime. Is there something that I am missing to show the border at runtime?

Here is a screen grab of the difference between the Xojo 2022 r3.1 IDE and the same program during runtime.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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Watching your screenshot give me the feeling, Xojo maybe internally switch from the underlaying „old“ Win32 TextField control to the „new“ WinUI control version. That’s what it looks like. But i could be wrong.

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This is a good possibility. Thank you @Martin_T :slight_smile:

How does e.g. the Combobox control looks like? Also different from Layout Editor?

The Slider on your screenshot for example looks like it’s not updated to the WinUI design. So maybe Xojo need to build the IDE based on a new implementation so you can see also the new design at the IDE/Layout Editor itself.

Yes, your right, there are differences between the ComboBox in Xojo 2022 r3.1 at runtime and in the IDE. Here is a screen grab of the differences:


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Thanks for the links and the help Martin.

Here is an issue link for the DesktopTextfield update:
Issue link for ComboBox update:
Issue link to update Slider Control in Windows 11:

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I’m not a Windows user so I have a question:

The DesktopTextfield, ComboBox, and Slider Control look the same in Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 when you run the app?

If yes, then it makes sense to update the IDE to match what you see using any supported Windows version.

Hi @AlbertoD,

I only have Windows 10 and 11, no Windows 8.1 Operating Systems running. There is a difference between the Textbox IDE on Windows 10 and Windows 11 when running. Also the ComboBox in the IDE appears to be misaligned in the IDE. The sliders do need to be updated. Here is a screen grab of the IDE and running controls with Xojo 2022 r3.1, Windows 10, on a Microsoft Surface Book.


Edit: Chuckle, I am the opposite, as I own Android, Linux, and Windows devices. I have an old Mac Mini that needs a few days of updates in order for it to run since it is rarely used. It also appears that the slider has changed its size (width) between the IDE and running state.