How to import time when using WebDatePicker

I would like to use the new date picker to get a date then add a time .from a nearby text field. The time field was populated from an SQLDateTime database field that was brought into a DateTime object with FromString. Trying to get it to go backwards is not working for me. I put this code in the DatePicker.ValueChanged event

dim a As String = me.Value.ToString(locale.Current, DateTime.FormatStyles.Short,DateTime.FormatStyles.none)
a = a + " " + tfNextTime.Value
NextRead =DateTime.FromString(a, Locale.Current)
// a = “9/24/20 4:45 PM”

While this executes, it ignores the time of day. NextRead.SQLDateTime = " 2020-09-24 00:00:00". Unless I am missing something, it looks like I need to use the the old Date function to get this to work.

I came up with a solution. I start with the DateTime.SQLDate function than manually parsed the time and appended it. Then used the FromString function with no local to bring in the SQLDateTime string…