How to implement?Use which controls? Tabpanel?

How to implement?Use which controls? Tabpanel?

Implement WHAT ? ? ?

You can see the picture?


I see it, it’s shown after a few seconds.

The control he is asking about is the IDE tab (the one on the top that you use to switch pages in the IDE)

It’s a graphical version of the tab panel

If you want something like this one you have to create a canvas (to show the tabs and there the icon, label and close icon) and a page panel control (that’s a headless tab panel)

I think there are third-party stuff to do a custom tab panel. XojoDevspot has one(I’ve not tested it)
By @Matthew Combatti

after a few minutes in fact … connecting to baidupcs takes quite long time.

Here it times out.


I always use for forum images. Hasn’t failed yet :slight_smile:

from their Terms of Use

But the link doesn’t matter ?

this may be what you need
this is for the “old” realbasic, but can surely be adapted to xojo.

It works just fine in 2013r3.3 at least :slight_smile:
Great tip!

I loaded it with xojo 2016r11 and it opens fine, only some errors with deprecated PICT icons.

I’ve got a newer and Retina capable version at “Trixi’s tabsheets”.

Requires MBS. Otherwise nice :slight_smile: