How to implement Email Alert system(Windows)


My application(Windows) monitors a software running in the remote server and I am going to implement Alert system which is able to send an email once any critical performance metrics are detected.

Can you advise me on email Alert system?
I believe Email Example of XOJO should be my first place to go over, but I was wondering if I could get any big picture of the Alert system.

Thanks in advance.

Your question is rather general.

How often do you expect to send out mails?
What happens in your app after the mail is sent? Crash, quit, continue?

Sending mails has been discussed several times here on the forum. There are several email providers that can be used for free (Mandrill, SendGrid) for a good number of mails per day.

And yes, the email example should get you the basics.

Sorry for late response.

Whenever server processes are down, I should send an email to the end-user, actually my Windows Application could detect the event, and I’m considering to implement a small notification system.
The number of emails would be very small.

I wonder if I should make a my own email sending system or use customer’s SMTP server or something.
I just wanted to know how other developers do for their alert feature.


I use CURLEmailMBS for sending my alert emails.