How to hotkey to the Parameters field - mac

Ok… Command-Option-M, enter function name then mousing to the Parameters field really bugs me so here’s a hammer that will hotkey it.

On launch the global hotkey Command-. (period) is installed and when triggered, if xojo is frontmost this action is done: 2 applescripts are run to get xojos window bounds then CG mouse events are posted that move the cursor to the Parameters field, click twice with a 0.3 second gap and return to the original position. The same strategy can be used to close the bottom pane. This is pulled from my Xippy program that’s setup to always be running when Xojo is, for this app you’ll just have to remember to launch and quit it.

Also, for the applescripts to run you will need to enable the app for assistive devices in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy. The app won’t appear in the list until you try the hotkey once (the first time it’ll probably ask you). Each time you debug or compile it’s treated as a new app that needs to be re-enabled.

Use these mac virtual keycodes to change the Command-key choice.

There’s only 5 methods but they’re kinda long.
Textual source
zipped project file