How to handle SpellChecking in TextArea?

Xojo 2019r1 has added SpellChecking support for Windows and Linux. It’s been available for macOS for quite some time.
Anyway - until now I’ve disabled it. But now that it’s available x-platform, I’d like to understand how this is supposed to work in Xojo :wink:

So I create a new Desktop Project. Add a TextArea. Build for macOS.
Then I run the built .app. Typing some glibberish in the TextArea draws these red lines, makes suggestions for replacements, … Contextual Menu gives the options to disable SpellChecking and all that. And - yes it works. I can disable SpellChecking like that.

Then I quit the .app. Launch the .app again.
Now… SpellChecking is enabled again - even if I have turned it off before.

So - how is this supposed to work? How can the state/behavior the user decided be persisted, so that one doesn’t always have to disable it for every run of the .app?
I don’t like this - and if I turn it off once in Safari, it’s off. Until I decide to enable it again. And so for every other macOS app. Just… how to do that with Xojo?

Once I get to know that… is this the same for Windows/Linux?
And then there is the fact that we customize contextual menus with app-convenient items. Once we do that using ConstructContextualMenu - then there are no more “native ones” (such as SpellChecking) available? How to do that should best be answered seperately on this Forum Thread.

Is there documentation about this? Or an example project? Has someone written a Blog explaining how to leverage SpellChecking in Xojo?

How are you turning it off for you App?

Currently our Control’s Subclasses do call: .AutomaticallyCheckSpelling = false. So there are no “suggestions” or “red lines”, …
And they implement ConstructContextualMenu (providing the most common Edit/Select Commands). And so there are no Contextual MenuItems for SpellChecking available.

So I wonder… how to leverage SpellChecking “correctly” in Xojo built apps?
If the user disables SpellChecking, I want to respect that. And not have it “always enabled again” after quitting the .app and running it again. And if I want/need to add ContextualMenuItems - how to still get the SpellChecking ones in there.

It seems a bit like a black box to me, since I can’t find any documentation. And Xojo’s default behavior is not quite user-friendly. So that’s why I just don’t use it - but obviously would like to do so :slight_smile: