How to give a software-instance of serial a DataAvailable event handler?

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I have a class Channel that has a property MySerial of class Serial. I make an “effective” array of Channels. How do I assign a DataAvailable event handler to MySerial?


James Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

Check out AddHandler.

or make a subclass.


Got a problem, now, trying to use AddHandler

TheChannels(Idx).TheSerial = new Serial
AddHandler TheChannels(Idx).TheSerial.DataAvailable, AddressOf TheChannels(Idx).MySerialDataAvailable

TheChannels is an “array” of class Channel. The code, above, is where a new member is added to the array. That part has been working. Channel has a property TheSerial of type Serial. MySerialDataAvailable is a method of class Channel. I get an error message:

Type mismatch error. Expected delegate Delegate(Serial) but got delegate Delegate().

I have no clue about the meaning of this or what is the right way is to proceed. Help would be appreciated. I also do not understand how one would implement Christian’s suggestion of a subclass, above.

Uggg, just found it. The function that is going to handle the DataAvailable events did not have an argument (TheSerial as serial). That fixes it. Sorry for the noise.

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James Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

James, don’t forget to call RemoveHandler if you’re destroying these objects periodically. Otherwise these objects will leak.

Thanks Greg - I had, indeed, forgotten to do that. Users CAN remove channels from the channel list.