how to get line 1 of text

if the clipboard is:

how to I get just line 1 of the clipboard

dim c as new Clipboard
dim s as string = c.Text

s = ReplaceLineEnding( s, EndOfLine )
dim firstLine as string = s.NthField( EndOfLine, 1 )

the_clipboard = ReplaceLineEndings(the_clipboard, EndOfLine) str = NthField(the_clipboard, EndOfLine, 1)

Edit: Kem beat me to it :slight_smile:

ok i’ll try it and how do I get line 2, or paragraph 2 or last line or what ever you want to call it.
use this? (EndOfLine, 2)

neither of these worked, I got the red lady bug

Well what does the lady bug say is wrong ?
Learning how to fix bugs in code as you write & try it is a skill you’ll need to develop

fixed it, Kem forgot the s on replacelineendingSSSSSSS


this forum is awesome, thanks for all the help everyone, I wish you could see how I am using this at work. I am an audio post production editor, I live in the land of files, folders and servers. With XOJO I have made a GUI with buttons, Applescript does all the clicking for me.

Anyone do Periscope?

Sounds cool. You could throw up a video on YouTube and post the link here. Marketing loves this stuff for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

this is very common around here.

pretty sure he wrote it in the forum so you get typos as there’s no autocomplete of code in here

surprised no one has asked for THAT feature yet :stuck_out_tongue:

one other useful thing is Shawn has learned how to debug code & fix it :slight_smile:

Now that you mention it…

paul, the video is coming

here is the video on how I use XOJO.

Edit (Paul): Added link to text since embedded video may not always appear.