How to get App.Version and App.BuildDate from another app?

Hello all,

Xojo has a very convenient method of getting both the app version and its build date from within an app. However I need that AND the same data from two other Xojo apps that would normally be running at the same time. This situation under Windows and Linux.

Can anyone give me some guidance to accomplish this?


I think this is a Windows (the OS) question IMHO. The answer have to be searched in the Microsoft development web area(s), IMHO.

OR, store these values in their applications, implement a two way communications features and from the caller application ask them to return these values ? Just an idea.

Probably the best method is via an IPCSocket which is cross platform, example is in:
File->New Project->Examples->Communication->IPCSocket

Your main program would listen (server) and the other programs would connect (clients). When a connection is established the main program (server) sends out a query e.g. “ShowVersion”, the other programs (clients) would see it, and reply with the info.

You could define the return messages so you don’t have to state manage the system. i.e. Client program responds with its name and its version so you know which app has which version, i.e. client_test_app_1: and client_test_app_2:

If you use MBS Xojo Win Plugin, you could try the WindowsFileVersionMBS class.

You could use Aloe Express (free at ) to add a web service to each application to return the version info. The nice thing about it is the ease with which you could return any other static or dynamically generated stuff in response to different arguments in the URL or sending the requests on different ports.

A small file created by the program containing the required data could suffice.

Thanks for the feedback all!