how to find value stored in a control

If I use something like msgbox (self.Control(0).name) I will get the first control in self - say a label or textfield etc. If I wished to find out the value of control(0) is set to - how could I do that? Is that possible?


It depends on the control. If it’s a CheckBox you can would get it’s value of true/false with Checkbox1.Value

Hi Albin - thanks for the reply. I have not made myself particularly I guess. I know how to extract that value each control has if you know the name. Like you said checkbox1.value etc. But I am scanning my window to find out what controls are present - storing control(I).name in an string array. So for example StringArray(0)=“textfield1” - how do I use the value in StringArray to find out what is the value current value contained in control which array is pointing to. I don’t think you can do this tbh

Does that make sense?

Maybe some pointers here re inspecting controls…

@M Stolove - thanks a lot for the reply and link. I can certainly use the info therein to do what I need to. Thanks again