How to find the date of next week

Can anyone give me an idea to find a date of a next week?

For example, if today is 4 (Wed) and next Wed will be 11 ( +7 day ). 11 is the number what I want to get.
However, the last date of each month is different such as 30 / 31 so I should consider it.

I am wondering if there is any function to find that number.


My_Date.Day = My_Date.Day + 1

And when today’s day is 25, just consider the Month # change …

dim now as new date Now.totalseconds = now.totalseconds + 86400 * 7 Dim newday as integer =

I have an Extends module for the Classic date. It has many date handling methods that are all extensions.

Download here.

@ Greg.
I didn’t know that ‘totalseconds’ considers 30/31 automatically for the month. It works well. Thank you.

@ Simon
It will be really helpful.
Thanks a lot.

Here’s an alternative using the new Xojo framework:

Using Xojo.Core Dim oneWeek As New DateInterval(0, 0, 7) Dim nextWeek As Date = Date.Now + oneWeek Dim dayNum As Integer = nextWeek.Day