How to find a project with specific content [OS X]


I recall having coded some nice ListBox features in a project (or two, or…), but I failed to find where the project is.

I’ve made a search using xojo_binary_project, but I do not found it. *

I even tried to make a seach in this forum, but the result does not comes time sorted (…).

OS X Finder (Spotlight) seems to be unable to make a search inside Xojo default project type files.

This is my last attempt to try to find the code before I will have to rewrote it (reinvent the wheel).

Also, I am quite sure that I added some other features, but I am not capable of recalling what these were.

Note: usually, when I want to implement a feature, I create a brand new project and build the feature there and implement it in the target project when I am happy with it. I wrote these in July or August 2015, and I even recall having talked about these in this forum. But, as I wrote above: I found nothing.

OS X QuickLook does not know how to display xojo contents…

Every advice on how I can found the “lost” project is welcome.

I reach a new strange behavior: for the first time in ages, I click in the Spotlight icon (MenuBar) from Firefox and pasted xojo_binary_project…
Result: Xojo was launched and a project was opened… How, why, I do not know (oh… the spotlight “window” does not report an item !

search for a program called “notlight”, a substitute to spotlight that search for almost everything.
link text

it’s old but still works (I’m on 10.9) and it finds things spotlight doesnt know of.

You wrote a lot and said you searched the forums without success, but you actually forgot to say what exactly you are looking for.

If you had actually sayed what exactly you are looking for then maybe someone could have told you where to find it, or maybe donated some code.

Jean-Yves: will try, Thank you.

Marcus: Thank you.

My search criterias were: ListBox, Column, Swap and in 2015-08 and 2015-07 (time era was not available on the forum, but I am quite sure I do not share it).

Donate code: thank you, but…

I already wrote something I was happy with,

If I found what I lost, I may discover what other stuff I may wrote with that “swap colums“ function.

And maybe, I will understand how I can forgot where I put it (my memory was wrong / the time era was wrong / whatever).

Long time ago, when I first lost code (because a slow in power), I rewrote it… then I started to learn to save frequently. Here this is different in the way (I hope/quite sure) that I do not know where I put the project… ;-:slight_smile:

Yes, I still smile, but I will rewrote the code sometimes next week, if I do not found it.