How to find a declare for text substitution Korean

How do I find / search for a declare for text substitution for Korean?
I am not sure I want to stop it, but I would like to know if I can.

Can you explain what you mean by text substitution?

What is wrong with the current Xojo Replace feature ?

with MBS Xojo Plugins and NSTextViewMBS class, you can do things like this:

dim t as NSTextViewMBS = TextArea1.NSTextViewMBS t.AutomaticTextReplacementEnabled = false t.AutomaticSpellingCorrectionEnabled = false

Sorry I didn’t say it was for a textarea.
I haven’t figured how to use it, but is shows up at weird times while a word is selected.
I think It might block doing certain things like changing part of the word.

Sometimes a single word shows up under the word.
Sometimes a string of words show up. And usually none of them are appropriate. (appropriate is though)
I am more curious about how to control.
Thanks Christian. Your piece just appeared. Blessing on the writer of the code behind these pages.

Sorry, Arthur, you make absolutely no sense…

This is what mac gives me. Occasionally it shows up with maybe 4 alternate word suggestions.
It also shows up if there is selected text as in an uncompleted paste.
If my choice is to edit my original word by removing one letter at this point, it should delete eveerything.

Oh, so you want to turn off spell checking.

Thanks. I looked at that page again and it didn’t mention even that it was supplied by the OS.
That would have been helpful.
It also doesn’t mention whether it includes smart quotes and other things.
I hate that I have to ask here to figure that out.

Do you happen to know if this has to be set in the IDE before build or can it be set DURING run?

I do not. It should be pretty easy to test though. FWIW, having to be set at design time usually is marked in the language reference.