How to fill a Hiearchical ListBox from a Text File ?

I get an eye on how to to that from in-memory data earlier today and failed to understand the how to.
I pasted a master entry (to be added with AddFolder)
I pasted some lines to be added in that master entry,
I emptied my box of ideas after running the project and click in the AddFolder triangle.
Yes, I checked in the Example project.

What I want to do:
The target is to load data from a Text file (already done) with sometimes a master entry (added with AddFolder) that will hold two or more entries.

This, actually, is loaded “flat”: all entries are loaded in its own Row.

I can add an ID (say the string “Folder”) in the “master rows" that have to be added with AddFolder), eventually, add a number of Rows that have to be added inside that Row, but after that…

What you can do:
So, I need ideas on how to achieve that goal. Clues, Hints, etc. are welcome.


i think you need to do it like this

load the data into memory

load the master rows with add folder

expand the rows with listbox expanded

use the expandrow event, load the child lines

Hi Emile,

this was discussed quite a few times. The easiest method for me still is the old code from Matt Neuberg. I’ve updated the code and uploaded it to .

Thank you Beatrix.

Downloaded and will look at it in the afternoon.

Have a nice Week-End.

Russ: nice answer.

For what I understand right now (not having looked at Beatrix project):

load the data into memory

load the master rows with add folder
I can find a way to do that.

expand the rows with listbox expanded
I feel the idea, but how do I do that.

use the expandrow event, load the child lines
Yes, I have to do the job here, but how can I know what have to be added with the selected (clicked triangle leading Row) ?
I think I miss the how to link click with expand data list…

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Have a look at the fruits example. That should do what you want.

I have created a set of classes that will load a tab or dashed text file and display as a hierarchical listbox.

You can grab it from my website: (Free Software, Xojo Components (Free)).

I get an eye on the first shared example and stays with it less than one minute. I’ve gone to nap, etc.

Earlier today, I wrote an example (read my other post), a simple example of a hierarchical ListBox with one window, one ListBox and 5 events:


less than 15 minutes, no need to check anything in the docs, very easy.

You drop a folder (officially, on OS X, you can also drop volume) on the front window and get the folder (volume) contents hierarchical (you can open the folders).

Better: I do not add recursivity, but it is included in the example project !!!

Simon: I will get an eye on your shared stuff, thank you.