how to enter text on a new line keepig the integrity of a string

In VB it was possible to do this

VAR = “Some String” + _
“some more text”

the _ character allowed the continuation of a string on a new line keeping the integrity of sting in tact.
IS there a similar method in XOJO.

please advise.

dim a as string a = "a" + _ "b" system.DebugLog(a) 'ab

oh gosh kidding me.

it is the same?

sorry for the trouble i should have figured it out.

but thank you !

in Xojo it is exactly the same
I use this technique when entering SQL queries into my Xojo Projects, makes it much easier to read

SQL = _
"SELECT * " + _
"   FROM "+tablename + _
" WHERE a='"+somestring+"'"

The keyboard shortcut + also wraps the line. I find wrapping code in complex If statements becomes much more readable.

For strings such as Dave’s example though I use constants and prepared statements.

Yes Dave I know you are only giving an example and would also use a prepared statement.

Nice tip Wayne, thanks!