How to Enable Java in HTMLViewer?

Hi everibody! :smiley:

I have a webpage that needs java for a login:

When It loads Says: Warning, This page requires the Java version 1.7 (or higher) for log in the service. If you want to install it click here.
I close it.

And then when I click One of the two “Buscar” buttons, says the following: “Your browser doesn’t have Java installed, This application will not work”.

:frowning: :frowning: What do you suggest.



Mac? Win? Linux?

Hi Chris!, Preferable the three platforms.

But If its not possible, then Win and Mac

WebPreferencesMBS class has a flag for Java an/off.

Thanks for the answer :). I tested but I have not success, thats what I’m doing:

HTMLViewer1.preferencesMBS.isJavaEnabled = true

And I understand that doing the following will say If java is enabled:

dim p as WebPreferencesMBS = HTMLViewer1.preferencesMBS
Msgbox str(p.isJavaEnabled)

But even If I don’t write: HTMLViewer1.preferencesMBS.isJavaEnabled = true
always says “True”.

What Am I wrong? maybe I’m misunderstanding something?

not sure. Sorry.

But if it’s allowed to run, is it also installed?

[quote=242717:@Christian Schmitz]not sure. Sorry.

But if it’s allowed to run, is it also installed?[/quote]
Yes Its installed, Now I’m trying to running on Mac. When I run this page on Safari or Firefox I can run it without problems

Java 1.7 on Mac may be 64-bit only. Do you have a 32bit Java?

Dunno, let me see it.

I found This, I thought maybe I need to create a Java Virtual Machine for load that webpage, and I done this:

dim javaVm as new JavaVMMBS(JavaVMMBS.JNI_VERSION_1_4, options, true)

Dim system As JavaClassMBS = javaVm.FindClass(“java/lang/System”)

if javaVm.Handle = 0 Then
Msgbox “Cant create Java VM”
Msgbox “Java Initialized”
End If

But I’m looking that Only says: Version 1.4, not says 1.7.

Oooh, :frowning: :frowning: Its 64bit: jre-8u71-macosx-x64.dmg

for the plugin 1.4 or newer is all 1.4.