How to display another window within modal window?


I have a main window that shows up on starting the application. The user can then click a button that shows a file explorer (showmodal). Within the file explorer the user can delete a file. To do this he needs to confirm the deletion process within a confirm delete window (showmodal). The problem is that the confirm delete is always shown behind the file explorer window while the file explorer window keeps active (clickable). What I try to do:

  1. The file explorer window blocks the main window by opening the file explorer window modal -> works.
  2. When the user deletes a file the confirm delete window should show up on top and block the file explorer window -> does not work:

I also tried things like:

  • WinConfirmDelete.ShowWithin(WinFileExplorer)
  • WinConfirmDelete.ShowModalWithin(WinFileExplorer)

… but all with the same result (confirm delete window is always behind the file explorer window)
I then thought every window has an index that allows me to set the window overlap priority but couldn’t find.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Check that your window frame type is set to moveable modal.

Thank you! Not sure which window you mean. It’s currently that way:
Main window: Document
File Explorer window: moveable modal
Confirm delete: moveable modal

I also have set all 3 windows to “moveable modal”, still same behaviour.

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