How to diagnose a hard crash

Feedback 61936: This is with 2020r1 under macOS Mojave 10.14.6. The crash (Segmentation fault: 11) is inside SQLiteDatabase.dylib. I had another a month ago (Feedback 61661) at the precise same place in SQLiteDatabase.dylib, also in 2020r1. Different place in my app, however. Connecting to a database in both cases.

Suggestions welcome for how to gather more information.

See also case 61848: include function names for all internal plugins and framework parts
If names would be included for database plugins, this would allow to see which function crashes.

Did you get a sample project to reproduce?

There is no way to do that. I’ve had two random crashes from different points in my code, at the same point in Xojo’s SQLite library.

It would certainly be nice if there were a build option to include all Xojo internal method names in Apple’s crash traceback.

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Use Christian’s or Valentina’s SQLite implementation instead of Xojo’s. If your crashes aren’t reproducible then you are out of luck anyways.