How to detect if running split view.

I want to be able to check if the current view is a split view or not. I have a menu button. I want the menu button to disappear when in split view and reappear when in the normal view. Any way to check whether its currently running in split view? Still pretty new at iOS so I don’t have much knowledge yet and Im having hard time finding what Im looking for in the reference material.

I added a global property to set when Im changing the view to track whether it is running split or single. This works for now but still want something that tells whether its running in split view. Any suggestions?

[code] If iOSSplitView.Available Then
//running as split view
thesplit.Master = mview
thesplit.Detail = detail

//running in single view
End If[/code]

If Self.ParentSplitView.Available And Self.ParentSplitView.Master <> Nil Then
//This Is a Split view

End If[/code]