How to Delply Console app on Linux

I am creating a console application which need to be run on Linux platform.
It needs to be run every 5 minutes so used timer for that.

Here is the code i am using on App.Open event.

#If Not DebugBuild Then // Do not try to daemonize a debug build
If Not App.Daemonize Then
prowritelog( “Daemonize_Error”, “Could not daemonize the app”)
System.Log( System.LogLevelCritical, “Could not daemonize the app.”)
Return -1
End If

dim t1 as new CustomTimer

app.DoEvents 300000

I am able to install build on Linux by ./ApplicationName name. but only App.Open event get called it not executing Timers Action event.

Can anyone help me to get it working ?

Hi Chetana,

First of all please use a code block when posting here </> - it makes reading your code much easier.

Your event loop

  app.DoEvents 300000

Is stopping anything happening in your app for 5 minutes including your 60 second timer. Try changing your timer period to 300000 (5 minutes) and remove the 300000 from the event loop (DoEvents).

Hello Wayne,

Thanks for your reply.
I tried this but then it is not running timers actions method.

What does your code look like now?