How to delete item in menubar?


Do anyone know how i am suppose to delete item i put in the menubar?? i keep crashing the XOJO IDE when i select the item in the menubar, select Edit on the top and click on Delete.

<> … For me, I can click the menu item in the menu editor (GUI portion) and make sure it is selected. (Seems I have to press it twice due to the inspector or something stealing focus). Once selected, I can press the Delete Key and the menu goes away for me. Others have not been so lucky.

Issue still exists. Only option I had was removing the menu-item with an external text-editor.

i just try and it look like everything is ok now.

Don’t think so. I faced the problem while building an application so I checked if other experience the same. I’ve read what’s in Feedback and tried the given workarounds. Nothing worked, except removing it straight from the file of course.
A 30 seconds test with a blank project shows me again that the problem is still there, the Mac - as well as the Windows IDE.
Not a big issue, since we programmers know how to work around, but just a bit annoying and the issue is already known since 2013.

I see what you mean now… mine does not crash… just does not delete any of the menu item on the menubar

You may want to try in the beta.

i did…

Does pressing the backspace/delete key not work either?

it only work if i create a new menubar and new menu item and do the backspace or CmdX or delete on the dropdown menu.

if i mess around with it a bit like setting the title of the menu etc, it cannot delete anymore.

i even try to save the project and open the project again and it still does not work

It’s just FB case 23982. It needs a fix.

I am unable to delete a menu item using 2017r1.1 in Windows 7

I figured it out, but it is confusing. You cannot select the item on the left side of the GUI. You must select the item in the simulated menu in the middle of the screen.

Thats this bug report