How to delete a WebToolbar item? Red delete circle not working!!

Hi, I’m trying to modify the contents of my WebToolbar control. I press the edit (pencil) icon. I then see each item of the Toolbar with a red delete icon in the top right corner. But when I press this red delete circle, nothing happens. The only solution I’ve found is to create a new WebToolbar from scratch every time I need to make modifications to it. This is getting VERY frustrating! Please help…

What version of Xojo are you using?


on Windows 10 if it makes a difference…

Finally, I deleted the toolbar and recreated another one again and now I can delete the toolbar items again. I guess too many changes had corrupted it.

Next time try to click right or left beneath the Delete Icon. I sometimes see such Issues when working on non-Retina/HiDPI Monitors. :wink:

will do thanks.