How to create new sqlite database on a Linux/ARM OS in a web app and/or console app?

Hello all,

I seem to have come into a problem while testing my new app for creating a sqlite database and associate tables etc. I have not run into this before, but maybe I did and just solved it by pushing a database from my development environment!

Anyway, The following code is used (and reused) but I cannot it seems that the permissions are incorrect, and when the db is created by a partner console app, the web app will not even run!

This is the code used in both the web app and the console app to create the db,if no db exists

  If f.Exists = False Then 
    Dim db As sqlitedatabase
    Db = New sqlitedatabase
    Db.DatabaseFile = f
    If Db.CreateDatabaseFile = True Then 
      Flds = Array("TRACE", CurrentMethodName + " Created Database - Line 199" )
      Logs.AddFields Flds
      Logs.LogFileAppend( Logs.K_Trace_SQL)

Can anyone tell me what the correct process & code is to create the db, I guess the folder too (although the folder already existed with 755 permissions) and anything else that might get in the way of having this work automatically?

Thanks all!

what error?

The folder should of course be read/writable for the process.
I would use 777 permissions.