How to create database backup in ios

Hello ,
I am building a iPAD application.
Database is copied in documents folder in iPAD .
What I need is to send daily database backup file to server.
How it could be achieved?
I am stuck here because I cannot send file as parameter to web service .
Thanks in advance.

Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket on the iPad, and web service on the server.

How to send database file as a parameter to web service using Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket ?

You don’t send an entire database as a parameter. You upload it through a Post.

How to upload it using post?
I am not getting it ,can you please explain me how t do it ?

You need to have a web service that receives the file. That can be done in Xojo Web, for instance.

What is the web service you are using ? Is it you own software ?

We are using xojo web service for uploading database file to FTP
But my question is how to send file to web service from xojo ios app using httpsocket ?

Depending on the type, and amount, of data you might just be better off sending SQL commands to a database server with the changes…

You could create a SQL-Dump, do some encoding, and send the dump as POST-Body to your http-Server. On that side you could use XOJO, PHP or what ever to handy that post-body.

Perhaps it would be better to use FTP if you have a large db.