How to create a vertical web separator?

Hello all.

I have tried to create a vertical web separator using the supplied separator. In design time it appears to work. But in runtime it is not visible. I have given it a stely with back color of black, coded in the Open event of the object. The object is positioned at design time inside a webcontainer.

A separator used in the horizontal orientation, works fine…

Can anyone suggest a better or correct method to accomplish this?

Thank you,

I found what may be a solution - I used a rectangle in the same way as I tried to with the separator.
The rectangle did work. May not be the best, but it does appear to work.


Separator is placed like any other object - you drag it to where you want it. Pay attention as you resize your Separator; it automatically switches to horizontal if width is greater than height and switches to vertical if height is greater than width.

Alternatively, you might prefer to use the Inspector and manually set it’s position (left, top, width, height). Again, confirm that height is greater than width.

Why can’t you see it at runtime:

  • Z-Order - your control needs to be pushed in front of the control that is hiding it
  • Visibility - you need to ensure that the Visible toggle is ON


  • When in doubt, use the inspector to set your dimensions and then push the Z-Order to “Order Front”
  • Confirm dimensions are accurate