How to create a deb package?

Hello all,

I develop on a Win7 machine, but need to create a deb package for use on Ubuntu machines. I am not sure about using their “store” or not so at least for the moment would like the option not to use the store. Can anyone suggest the easiest method to create a package on my windows machine?


You really, really, really need to install VirtualBox on your system and add a Linux VM to experiment with if you don’t already have a live Linux box.

It’s really tough to build a dpkg or rpm without access to such a system.

Devon’s updated info on is a good source of detail Creating Debian Packages

There’s a more “geeky” HowTo over at The Linux Documentation Project Debian Binary Package Building HOWTO

Thanks Tim.

I had a feeling I would need a linux box if only to test for real. I do have a linux server, but do not want to use that since it is live! I will try the virtualbox and other suggestions you have replied with.

Thank you!

Autocorrect sucks! Devyn’s name got corrected above …

Hi Tim,

I got Oracle VM Virtual Box running, but the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 does not like my Intel 64bit hardware. It seems I will have to use the 32bit version. My question is, is there a difference between Xojo 32 and Xojo 64 bit apps with regard to the Xojo code? If this is the case, I would have to use a different platform to test/code/debug 64 bit linux apps.

I am new to this game BTW, so any insight you might share would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

If you have a Win 8.1 Professional or above, or a Win Server 2008R2 available, you should be able to run recent Linux distros on Hyper-V. See this link for more info. I believe that 32 and 64 bit hosts are supported.

I forgot to post again last night…
I got it to run, the problem was I created a virtual 32bit machine in VirtualBox. Once I created a 64bit virtual machine, it worked as expected.

Win7 home premium 64 bit is the real hardware…