How to create a copy fit text function in dynapdf?

Hi Christian
I have shifted this to A new thread on creating a copy fit function for dynapdf

As mentioned before I have a need to workout before hand if text with a specific styling will fit
In a space determined by a set rectangle. Or a number of rectangles that the text will flow into.

This is like actually placing the text to test if it fits, given the size of the rectangle(s) and the font size, leading, horizontal spacing
And other style tags. If it doesn’t fit then I can alter ie shrink the font size and try again.

Eventually I will find a combination of style tags that allow all of the Txt to fit.
There are so many functions in dynapdf, could you point me in the right direction on this
Christian suggested…
“GetFTextHeight function can calculate the height of a text block. So you know the size without drawing it.
Would that help”
I will check this out but it looks like a great start

Good Luck!