How to create a constant with a 'Chr()' value?

I’m wondering if it is somehow possible to create a Constant value with a chr value?

e.g. Some property Chr0 as String where Chr0 has as value Chr(0)?

I’m asking because I run in a big loop a check like this:

for i = 0 to 1000000 ... if Let = chr(0) then ... end if ... next

Just doing this has no real speed advantage:

Dim Chr0 as String = Chr(0) for i = 0 to 1000000 ... if Let = chr0 then ... end if ... next

And I’m wondering if it was defined as a Constant, it may improve speed (or not)

Protected Const EOT = &u04 and set the type popup to Number

I’m not in front of my machine but this might work: &u0.

But I’ll bet the speed improvement will be found elsewhere if you post the rest of your code.

Yes, &u0 works! Tried it with &h0, but that didn’t work. Good to know, but no speed advantage. In fact the code became about 1/16 slower.

@shao sean you also answerd my question, but unfortunately, I can only pick one. Next time!