How to create a collapsable sliding panel and Vertical Text?

Hello everyone.
I want to create a collapsable sliding panel - at least that is what I think it is formally called! To explain, in some Windows applications, on the far right and/or far left side, there are icons. If you click on them the panel expands outward. It can be locked open or it can collapse automatically. This is what I want to create.

Has anyone created such a beast? Does anyone have any ideas how to do this - I am exploring using the Einhugur StyleGrid but am still researching the whole thing.

When collapsed I want to show only headings, but I want them to be displayed as if they were written normally, then rotated 90 degrees.
Does anyone know how to do this?

Much appreciated!

Found how to do vertical text:
From help

Tim, did you manage to create the sliding panel?
That is exactly what I would like to have, but have no idea where to start?

Any pointers to info or examples would be much appreciated.


Hi Richard,
I had to switch to another part of the project about a month ago, and have not even looked at Xojo… I did get something working. I will have a look tomorrow or Monday and get back with you. It was not easy, and a little ‘crusty’ but worked reasonably well enough…

I’ll find the code and share with you/the forum shortly.

Hi Tim

For collapsable sliding panel try the ZAZ AnimationKit by Thom McGrath

link dropbox

[quote=97436:@Javier N]Hi Tim

For collapsable sliding panel try the ZAZ AnimationKit by Thom McGrath

link dropbox[/quote]

The animation kit allows you to set a final position for a canvas. You’d still have to deal with the canvas itself and drawing it, but the animation kit would provide a way for the animation to run.

'At this stage SelectedActionStrip should come down and be level with ShowResultsCavas if <> then 'The code attaches an animation to the strip defining the rect properties of the destination (position and size) 'the last two parameters are duracion and "easing" animation style (how beginning and end animate) SelectedActionStrip.Animate new REALbasic.Rect(SelectedActionStrip.left,,SelectedActionStrip.Width,SelectedActionStrip.Height),1,15 end if